Get The Gold InfiniReels Slot Review: RTP 95.72%, High Volatile

Get The Gold InfiniReels Slot Review
Get The Gold InfiniReels Slot Review

Do you have a plan to play online slot games? Well, we have a Get The Gold InfiniReels slot review for you! When it comes to uptake and massive amounts of releases, there has been a clear winner in the Infinity Reels vs InfiniReels battle. 

The Infinity Reels concept from ReelPlay has persevered through the ups and downs, with a new slot machine powered by the mechanic being released on a regular basis. 

NetEnt’s InfiniReels, on the other hand, appear to have been relegated to the back of the features rack to collect dust. In a way, it’s strange because the two games that have used it so far, NetEnt’s Gods of Gold and Red Tiger’s Dragon’s Fire, were both good. 

Perhaps the two studios have been stalling, planning something spectacular to blow the InfiniReels series fully open.

Best Get The Gold InfiniReels Slot Review

If you had any concerns that the long delay between InfiniReels slots was due to a lack of innovation and attention to detail, Get the Gold is here to disprove that theory. 

Obtain the Gold InfiniReels is one of those games about which you can’t even slam a studio; it’s so awful that you’re left wondering what went wrong. 

It’s usually difficult to blame a Red Tiger slot when it comes to looks, regardless of whether it’s good or not. Their games have a clean, sparkling appearance that is pleasing to the sight.

Get The Gold InfiniReels Slot Review

1. The Theme and Concept

Get the Gold, once again, completely destroys this idea. Have you ever played a text-based or classic point-and-click game where you put in instructions and then had to play a budget mini-game within the game? 

InfiniReels gives off such vibes when you get the gold. When Doc Brown suited Marty McFly up to return to the Wild West in 1955, he looked a lot like Marty McFly.

When we get to the gameplay, the problems remain. Isn’t it true that InfiniReels is all about expanding the grid? When wins occur, more reels are added, allowing for extremely long winning combos to be drawn out in order to make money. 

Get the Gold isn’t one of them. A win is triggered by three of a kind, and that’s it. Now it’s time for the next spin. Later on, reels are added, but only when the Gold Rush phase is active. Until then, the weird mining-themed action is set to a 3×3 game grid placed in a body of water with a sliver of gold in the corner.

2. RTP and Volatility

Players can place wagers ranging from 10p to £/€10 per spin on tablets, PCs, and smartphones. Max Win is a highly volatile game that pays out 10,000 times your bet, but it does feel like a challenge when you see what you have to deal with. 

The default RTP is 95.72%, yet Dragon’s Fire’s return was varied, so keep that in mind if you decide to play Get the Gold for any reason.

3. The Payout

Here’s a short peek at the paytable’s win information. Here are six standard symbols: fish, a water jug, hats, boots, gold pans, and a shovel and treasure map. 

Landing three of these symbols from left to right pays out between 0.1 and 0.7 times the stake. In Gold Rush mode, each reel added to current win way combos increases the value of pay ways longer than three.

4. Slot Features

Gold Rush mode is triggered when at least one Gold Cart scatter symbol appears on each of the three reels. Each Gold Cart has a reward value that is gathered during Gold Rush mode and given out at the end of the phase. 

Each spin in Gold Rush adds a new reel to the right-hand side of the game panel, and this continues until no scatter symbols land for four consecutive spins or the maximum win is achieved. 

Keep in mind that Gold Rush spins are the same price as regular spins, and the grid goes back to its default 3×3 size when they end.

Our Final Results

There are a lot of these InfiniReels (or Infinity Reels) slots on the market right now, and Get the Gold InfiniReels is one of the worst. It’s difficult to know where to start, so let’s start with the basics. 

When gamers choose this type of virtual slot, it’s likely that they want to see the reels spin like there’s no tomorrow. Because extra reels generally build a symbol multiplier while extending winning combos, this is the case.

Red Tiger has removed this functionality from the base game for whatever reason, and we can’t think of a good reason. What’s the point of ordering a cheeseburger and telling them to hold the cheese? 

The base game is reduced to a dull-looking 3×3 online slot without the key InfiniReels feature. Well, that is daftar slot online terpercaya result of the Get The Gold InfiniReels slot review for you. 

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