Top 4 Essential Steps to Host A Poker Game Like Gatsby

What do you need to host a poker game? This post will answer that question for you.

Host A Poker Game

What do you need to host a poker game? This post will answer that question for you.

If you want to organize the best poker party of your life, here are a few things to think about. Because this article just covers the fundamentals, the only restriction to how you plan your Gatsby-themed event is your imagination. Let’s jump right in!

Steps to how to host a poker game

There are certain fundamental things you need to do to host a poker game, according to the advice from gift for card players page. Some of these basics are as follows:

Step One: Find Players

You can’t have a poker night unless you have poker players. However, in order to guarantee that the event runs properly, you should not allow the following persons to participate.

People Who Can’t Keep Their Cool

When money is involved, emotions run high. You just need to invite folks who can retain their cool when losing to organize a quality game. Of course, anyone can lose their cool for any number of reasons. 

Even the most composed individuals are prone to outbursts. Nonetheless, if you have pals who are prone to exploding, keep them away from the table. Unless, of course, you enjoy having a house brawl.

People Who Aren’t Able to Hold Their Liquor

Whatever relates to emotions also applies to booze. Alcohol alters one’s temperament, and even generally calm individuals may become nightmares when intoxicated. 

While poker is sometimes depicted as a game that cannot be played without the use of alcohol, maintaining a level head promotes a pleasurable and accident-free game. Furthermore, allowing pals to play intoxicated is unfair to them and is as unpleasant as it gets. 

It may be entertaining for some to see a drunk buddy squander away hard-earned money, but there is no respect in it.

People Who Aren’t Skilled at Playing

Newcomers are the third category of people you should avoid at all costs. You may invite others if you are playing for pleasure (not for actual money) or arranging to teach them how to play. 

However, if you’re playing for money, taking advantage of someone who doesn’t know how to play is a nasty move. Allow children to observe, and if they are keen to participate, make sure they can cut their losses on time. 

Keep in mind that you are hosting a game similar to The Great Gatsby. You must be a gentleman and ensure that no one leaves your party feeling as if they were a washcloth.

People who have a proclivity to cheat or lie

Some people are pathological liars and cheats. They can’t help themselves (or, more accurately, they can but don’t want to). Such individuals have no place on the felt. Allowing cheats in is one of the surest ways to guarantee a bloody poker game. 

Remember that (most likely) you do not have a dedicated security crew or video monitoring to keep an eye out for cheats. When it comes to home games, most people rely on their moral compass. Make certain that only those with straight compasses are invited to the table.

People With Gambling Addiction Problems 

This is a huge one. It’s advisable to allow anyone in your group who has or has had a history of addiction issues sit this one out. It’s harsh, but it’s best not to give in to the urge. 

This is especially true for present or past gamblers. It’s easy to claim that because it’s a “home game,” the amount of harm is limited, but this couldn’t be further from the reality. People’s wallets might easily slip through their fingers due to the more relaxed atmosphere.

Step Two: Having Real Poker Table

Steps to Host A Poker Game – Source: MPO Slot Online

The next basic thing you need to do to host a poker game is having a real poker table. Here are some checklists you can do to have your own real poker table.

Make Space

The standard poker game has eight participants. As a result, you’ll need to create room for a table and seats for eight people, as well as all of the essential materials. Allow for some observers as well. If the poker game will be the focal point of the evening, position the table in a central area, such as a living room. 

However, make sure that other areas are easily accessible if a player wants to stretch their legs or use the toilet. If you have a limited amount of room, you may have to limit the number of players. Alternatively, contact a buddy who has a larger house to host.

Learn How to Deal or Get a Dealer

Proper dealing is required for a true casino experience. As a result, no players are functioning as dealers. You may even hire a dealer if you want to wow your visitors. Another alternative is to learn how to deal with situations like a pro. Play some poker tournament videos and watch how the dealers act. Their movements are precise, calculated, and constantly apparent to everybody.

Cards and chips of high quality

The cards may become damaged depending on how long you play. Get a pair of high-quality decks to prevent seeming like a sloppy poker game host.

 If you’re not sure about your shuffling abilities, you can buy an automatic shuffler. Get some chips as well if you want to go the additional mile. They are not costly, and having them will increase the attractiveness and authenticity of your game.

Good Felt 

You require the green. No, not dollars, but you do require them. However, you must obtain a feeling. It facilitates dealing, looks excellent, and demonstrates your attention to detail. All you have without a felt is a bunch of people flinging cards about. You’re expressing “we mean business” with the silky green surface.

Rent Item of Poker Games

If all of the above appears to be too much work, you may rent all of the essential items. Although it will cost you extra, you will be certain that you have everything you need for a successful poker night. How you proceed is determined on how much you want to flaunt.

Step Three: Having Alcohol For Your Guests

 Let’s face it: alcohol is a necessary element of every party. Especially if the visitors want to channel their inner Gatsby/Bond. As a result, make sure you have booze on hand for any visitors.

Step Four: Prepare Entertainment Stuff 

You can always create a playlist if you can’t afford a DJ.

Just because you’re hosting a poker night doesn’t imply that all of your guests will want to play or that you’ll have to spend all of your time at the table. You must also consider additional requirements.

Hire a Chef or Use Catering

If you’re planning a Gatsby-style smashing, the party will last a while. People are going to go hungry. Add in the alcoholic beverages, and it’s impossible to ignore the cuisine. If you have the funds, you can arrange some catering or, even better, employ a chef. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to break out the chef’s knife and try your best to provide some delectable dishes. So chips and peanuts are out. On the other hand, you don’t have to go all out with filet mignon and truffle ice cream.

Prepare a Band or DJ for Entertainment

Having some background music on can keep the visitors entertained and might create the tone for the evening. Again, your selections are limited by your budget. 

If you can afford to hire a band or a DJ, you’ll have access to high-quality music without having to spend hours curating playlists. If you want to do it yourself, consider what your visitors enjoy and the vibe you want to establish for the party.

If you want to create a “Casino Royale” atmosphere, some soft jazz will be more appropriate than blaring Justin Bieber. Services like Spotify and Deezer are excellent for making your own playlist. You may also listen to someone else’s playlist, such as this Great Gatsby Party Playlist on Spotify.

Host A Poker Game Like Gatsby
The makers. Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/Bazmark Film III Pty Limited –

Service for Event Planning

It takes a lot of effort to throw a memorable party. You have to consider a million things, yet there’s still a risk you’ll forget something. In such a scenario, you might seek the assistance of a professional event planning agency. 

You’ll be assigned a dedicated team of expert party planners who will most likely think of ideas you haven’t even considered. Hiring a party agency would place a burden on your money account, but Gatsby was never concerned about that.

That is a list of fundamental things you need to do to host a poker game. If you want to host your own poker game, you can just follow those fundamentals.

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