3 Worst Reviews for Coins of Egypt Slot in 2021

Coins of Egypt Slot
Coins of Egypt Slot

The Coins of Egypt slot is known as one of the worst slots from game maker Netent. Really? Do you believe it?.

Ancient Egypt remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for game developers (and for casino architects, for that matter).

With the Coins of Egypt slot, the designers of Netent are taking a different approach. Egyptian symbols and music, but in a glossy science fiction jacket with slick graphics and animations. Beautiful? You’ve got to love it.

However, is there also something to win in this domino99 slot? We played 1000 spins for this slot review and figured it out.

Coins of Egypt Slot Review

1. How Do the Coins of Egypt Work?

Coins of Egypt from Netent looks pretty standard, with 5 reels and 3 symbols per reel. The minimum bet is $0.20 per spin.

The reels feature different gods, scorpions and five different beetles. A golden fly counts as Wild (joker). So far nothing special.

What is special: every spin, one to three gold coins with an amount of money appear on the first three reels. 

If you spin a pharaoh on the fifth reel in the same spin, you immediately win the total amount on the coins. This principle is called Pharaoh Coin Win.

A silver orb with gold rings around it counts as a scatter. If you spin three, the Coins of Egypt bonus round will start.

In the bonus round you get an ‘unlimited number’ of free spins. During each spin, one to three coins will appear on the first three reels again, but with different colors: red, green and gold. 

The amount on the coins is added up after each spin in a red, a green and a gold treasure chest.

During the free spins, the fifth reel features animal symbols: a red eagle, a green snake and a golden cat.

If you have played the same animal symbol a total of three times in the bonus round, you win the corresponding treasure chest. Then the bonus round also ends immediately.

In the end, you can go on indefinitely, as long as the same animal doesn’t appear three times on the fifth reel. In practice you are usually ready after a spin or 12.

2. The 1000 Spins on Coins of Egypt Slot

We did play 1000 spins and the minimum bet of 20 cents per spin.

We see after a few spins that we are not going to become a big fan of Coins of Egypt. The coins you get during the base game are nice, but they distract you greatly from the game. 

In addition, if you spin the pharaoh once, you usually win something like 5 times your stake. Definitely no jackpot!. 

The symbols of Coins of Egypt may also be nicely designed, but they are quite similar and because of the busy screen you can’t see at a glance whether you win a prize and if so, which one.

Note that there are many special prizes: in 1000 spins, we do not exceed $3.30 during the base game. That’s only 16.5 times the stake.

3. Free Spins and Bonus

Do the free spins still make up for it? New! we get ten times the bonus round. That is downright boring, because there are hardly any nice prizes during the free spins.

  • We get 10 times the bonus
  • In total he plays 120 free spins
  • The profit of the ten bonus rounds added together amounts to $57
  • Of this, $44.50 comes from the treasury
  • So only $12.50 comes from ‘regular prizes’, spread over 120 spins!

We are happy when the slot review session on Coins of Egypt is over. Then, it turns out afterwards that he also won: a treasure of $0.60!.

In conclusion, we have seen it often at Netent in recent years: a lot of attention to the graphics and animations, but with a dramatic game where there is hardly anything to win.

The Coins of Egypt slot is really a low point in that regard. The coins are distracting and yield little. The free spins are boring and predictable. We cannot imagine that there are players who find this a nice slot.

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