Business And Management Resource Pack

Business And Management Resource Pack

The Business and Management Resource Pack has been divided into 30 individual case studies and articles on different working practices, written by companies within the Business and Management Industry. FENC have re-developed the resource pack into smaller HTML resources, making them easier to access via our GSS website and download for use within your college VLE.

The Business and Management resources are designed to lighten your teaching load. How often have you wished that you could lay your hands on some up-to-date information from industry that would help to explain to your students how processes in different businesses work? The more realism that can be included into a teaching programme, the more opportunities there are for learners to apply the knowledge gained at college to what happens in the real world. Wouldn’t it be great if companies would release some of their current documents showing what organisations actually do – recording financial transactions, dealing with personnel matters, training staff. Well they have, you’ll find them here, in the Business and Management resources.

The resources designed for Business and Management lecturers but don’t dismiss it if you teach Engineering, Hairdressing or any other subject because it could be utilised for your students too.

The documents in the resources can be used in a wide variety of ways including role play, group discussions, assignments, team simulations, individual projects or exercises based around a case study. We’ve provided the resources – you just need to provide the imagination!

FENC are delighted that 20 organisations ranging from those in the retail sector to the Army have supported us and given access to materials that would not otherwise be available.


  • Abbey National
  • ASDA
  • BP plc
  • Civil Service College
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • The Dixons Group
  • Educational & Training Directorate – Army
  • Federal-Mogul Bridgwater Ltd
  • HHCL and Partners
  • Institute of Directors
  • Institute of Management
  • The Kellogg Company
  • Marks & Spencer plc
  • NatWest
  • Nestlé UK Ltd
  • TUC
  • Ulster Carpet Mills
  • WWF

Do you have any examples of internal documents from organisations that you are able to share with other colleges? Do you have any specific business or management topics that you would like us to try and find resources for? Let us know!


For reasons of commercial confidentiality or corporate affairs policy, two companies preferred not to be identified as the source of their documents, but do actively support the concept of the Resource Pack.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed for their time and effort, and assure them that the contributions from their organisations have helped build this valuable resource.

Currently Fenc is being acquired by news company PT. Garuda Citizens Indonesia. Keep continuing the educational mission through the distribution of useful and useful content for everyone.

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